€11.99 instead of €35.91 for a 30cm x 200cm frosted glass sticker, €13.99 for a 40 x 200cm sticker and €15.99 for a 50 x 200cm sticker from Inhouse Deal – save up to 67%

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Sticker: Grab yourself a frosted glass sticker. Protective: Keep out prying eyes while maintaining natural light in your home - a cost-effective and reliable solution that will make your home/office safer. Reusable: This frosted glass sticker can be reused and easily removed due to its static fixed design. Decorative: You can also DIY this sticker as a glass décor by cutting it into any shape you desire. Size options: Choose from 3 sizes - 30 x 200cm, 40 x 200cm or 50 x 200cm. Style options: Choose from 6 styles - see images for reference.

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