€12 instead of €16.31 for a Belfast Political Conflict Bus Tour for one, or €24 for two people from DP Bus Company – save up to 26%

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Bus tour: Take in some of Belfast's sights and history with a Political Conflict bus tour for one or two people. Guided tour: This guided tour will take you to some of the most poignant and notable locations related to the conflict known as 'The Troubles' that lasted from 1968-1998. History: Step back in time and witness the origin of a conflict that was out of place in post-war Europe and learn how it eventually resolved into a model of peace. Photos: Make sure to bring a camera with you to snap the sights! Belfast: The still scarred locations and the memorials dotted around a growing, vibrant Belfast that looks to the future but remembers the past. Valid: Bus departs every Sat & Sun, between 10am-3pm.

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