Online Master’s Programme in Hotel Management and Tourism with ENEB Business School

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  • What’s included:
    • Master in Hotel Management and Tourism course and diploma
    • Specialisation in Coaching and NLP diploma
    • Spanish for Business Program Certificate, free of charge and non-compulsory
    • Access to ENEB’s Virtual Campus, complete with Academic Transcript and diploma processing
    • Full syllabus access
    • Tutoring from Monday to Sunday
    • Streaming lessons and Master Classes taught by expert guests
    • Multimedia resources.
    • Access to ENEB Virtual Library
    • Networking room at ENEB Community
    • Access to ENEB Job Listings
    • National and International internships, if desired
  • Course modules:
    • Section 1: Hospitality Management
    • Section 2: International Accounting
    • Section 3: Human Resources Management
    • Section 4: Personnel Management and Organisational Behaviour
    • Section 5: Foods and Beverages Management
    • Section 6: Quality and Environmental Management
    • Section 7: Strategic Management
    • Section 8: Executive Coaching
    • Section 9: Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • Section 10: Marketing
    • Section 11: Public Relations
    • Section 12: Web Positioning
    • Section 13: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • See the full course description

  • Accredited with Universidad Isabel I

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Please note all certificates and diplomas are issued to successful participants upon completion of coursework and assessment.

Those looking to further their education can benefit from an online Master’s programme in Hotel Management and Tourism


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