€12.99 for a bubble blasting gun or €22.99 for a premium bubble blasting gun

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Bubble Gun: Experience the joy of bubbles with this bubble blasting gun! Options: Choose between a basic bubble machine with 69 bubble holes from 1 shooting point or upgrade to the premium bubble gun with 64 holes and 4 different shooter heads. Lights: This bubble machine has colourful lights attached to add to the whimsical experience. Power: Featuring a rechargeable battery and charging cable for you to charge the gun when needed. Includes: : Each set includes a bubble gun machine, two bottles of bubble mixture, bubble basin, charging equipment and a strap for added support when using the machine. Dimensions: Please see full details for more information. Bubbles: The basic bubble gun fires 6000 bubbles per minute, whilst the premium bubble gun fires 8000!

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