€3.99 instead of €11.49 for a tub of chub rub anti-chafing cream from Glamza – save 65%

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’Chub Rub’ Anti-Chafing Cream: Get a 50ml tub of anti-chafing cream. Chafing Relief: Say goodbye to skin irritation and discomfort with our Chub Rub Anti Chafing Cream, enriched with aloe vera for quick relief. Wide Application: Ideal for adults and children, this cream protects against chafing in common areas like inner thighs, feet, underarms, and more. Long-Lasting Protection: Our unique anti-friction formula provides your skin with lasting relief, even during hot weather or intense workouts. Gentle and Non-Greasy: Non-staining, non-greasy, and featuring a subtle fragrance, this cream is comfortable for everyday use, anywhere on your body. Invest in Comfort: Invest in the freedom to move comfortably without chafing, and join our community of happy, chafe-free customers.

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