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Air Conditioner: Get a portable air conditioner. Multiple Functions: This air conditioner has multiple functions and can work as both an air conditioner and an air humidifier. Energy Saving: The energy consumed by this air conditioner is a lot lower than a regular air conditioner – saving you money on energy and electricity. Environmentally Friendly Design: Simply just add water into the air cooler and then plug the power supply in so you will continuously get cool air throughout the day. Time Function: Designed with a timing function so you can decide how long you wish to have it on for if you want to keep it on overnight. It also features a quiet mode so you can have a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep. Four Supply Method: Features four methods for charging such as a USB port on devices (laptops), a regular charger, mobile power, or you can charge it before you go out as it is rechargeable and will last for three to five hours.

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