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Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. Maybe your purchase did not live up to your expectations or maybe you can’t book a suitable time in order to redeem that voucher. We take a cursory look at returns policies, cooling off periods and contact details for some of the main Irish daily deals sites.

Your consumer rights apply to both goods and services purchased on Irish deals sites. If you have purchased goods online you have a 14 days “cooling off period” when you can cancel the purchase and get a full refund. This usually means contacting the merchant who supplied you with the goods, but sometimes (if for example you are unable to contact the merchant) you may want to contact the relevant daily deals site.

Here is the lowdown some of the major deals sites.


You can contact Groupon and make a query about any purchases by going to customer support. Here you can track orders and take other actions relating to your purchase. You should also check out there FAQ page which details what to do in a wide variety of circumstances. 

groupon help wizard and faq


If you have an issue with a business providing a service to you then you might skip to this section in the FAQ. If you had a bad experience with the merchant you may not be able to get a refund, however Groupon say they would still like to hear about your experience so that they can ‘investigate the issue and work to make sure it doesn’t happen again.’

Other issues dealt with in this section include:

  • inability to get in contact with the merchant
  • not being able to book when you want
  • the deals was canceled
  • the business won’t accept a booking
  • the business has closed down

If you are returning goods Groupon says:

If you change your mind about an order, you have 14 days to return your item from the date of receipt. The order must be returned unused and in its original packaging. To return your item, please follow the below steps:

1. Please get in touch with the merchant to enquire about the returns process. The merchant’s contact details can be found on your voucher visible in your Groupon account and on the deal page, also accessible from your Groupon account by clicking on the deal name.

2. Include a copy of your Groupon voucher in your package to allow us to identify your order.

3. When you return your product, please obtain proof of postage. We recommend using a trackable delivery service.

4. To speed up your refund, if you can please get in touch and send us proof of postage (ideally tracking information) by clicking ‘I still need help’.

You should also be able to contact Groupon by email using the email address [email protected].


There were a few changes in April 2016 when a merger with UK brand Wowcher came into effect. LivingSocial have a handy FAQ section on their website. Like Groupon your 14 day statutory ‘cooling off’ applies. If you have an issue with your vouchers or account you can contact LivingSocial +353 015 269 686 or contact them via their contact form.

According to the FAQ section on the LivingSocial website:

 In the first instance your complaint should be addressed to the supplying merchant directly who should be able to answer any concerns that you may have. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion with the merchant please contact us and we will be able to look into any concerns you may have.

When it comes to returning goods they say:

If you have received your product and then subsequently want to return it, you will need to contact the merchant who supplied it to you directly.


Pigsback run a number of sites including, and The Pigsback knowledgebase has details on everything from ‘Piggypoints’ to applying for a refund.

You can apply for a full refund on a voucher if it was purchased less than 14 days ago and has not been redeemed.

You can apply for a refund via this form.  If you another query you might try [email protected].

You can contact via their contact form. do have a  ‘terms of use‘ page where they deal with their refunds policy:

Refunds/Cooling Off Period

(a) Subject always to the provisions of clause 8.1(c), once you receive confirmation of your Purchase, you are entitled to a cooling off period in which you may cancel your Purchase at any time within 7 days from the day on which you receive the confirmation (the “Cooling Off Period”) provided you have not already redeemed the Voucher.

(b) If you wish to cancel your Purchase during the Cooling Offer Period, you must notify us via the Contact Page.

(c) You shall not be entitled to cancel your Purchase during the Cooling Off Period if the voucher has been redeemed or partially redeemed before the end of the cancellation period referred to at clause 8.1(a) and/or before you notify us of your intent to cancel your Purchase during the Cooling Offer Period.

(d) After the 7 day Cooling Off Period set out in clause 8.1(a), we do not provide refunds.

While mention a 7 day Cooling Off Period it is our understanding that the statutory cooling off period is in fact 14 days. It may be that this documentation was written prior to an update in the EU Consumer Rights Directive . In June 2014 the cooling off period was increased from 7 to 14 days.


Dealrush also have a FAQ section where they deal with a variety of queries. In relation to refunds Dealrush states:

You can receive a full refund within 7 days of purchase, as long as you have not redeemed your voucher. If you have purchased a deal where a physical product is involved, refunds can only be issued once the product has been returned to us. Our goal is 100% satisfaction. If you have had an unsatisfactory experience, please let us know at [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Again, like all purchases made online your 14 day statutory ‘cooling off’ period applies. have a FAQ page and you can contact them via their website.  You may also be able to contact them on [email protected]. If you are unhappy with a purchase they say to contact the merchant first:

If you’re not happy with your purchase please try to resolve the matter directly with the business first. If you’re still not happy please contact us and we’ll try our best to help.


Menupages only provide restaurant deals in Dublin. They do have a FAQ page and can be contacted [email protected]. You can also make general queries on +353 1 240 5590 or via their feedback form.

Ocean Deals

Ocean deals mainly provide daily deals in Sligo and the North-west of Ireland. Ocean Deals may be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone on +353 71 9118103. According to their terms and conditions:

Complaints relating to any aspect of the voucher products or services should be addressed in the first instance to the Merchant.

If after redeeming a voucher you are not satisfied with any aspect of the product or service you may request a refund providing such request is made within 5 business days, is in writing and emailed to [email protected]. Such requests should include a description of the voucher, dates of purchase and redemption and details of the complaint.

If a merchant refuses to redeem a voucher that is valid and within the terms of use, you may request a refund. To do so you should make such a request in writing within five business days of such refusal setting out the reasons for the refusal, date of purchase and refusal of redemption and email to [email protected].

We reserve our right to refuse a request for a refund.

As with purchase from all sites you are however entitled to a 14 day cooling off period where you may receive a refund as stipulated in the EU Consumer Rights Directive.

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